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5th Framework RTD  

Background In 1998 the Technical Task Force 2 „High Strength Steel“ of the European Pressure Vessel Research Committee (EPERC) decided to focus the discussions of the group into a new 5th framework research proposal.
A consortium of 17 members in total which represents steel manufacturers, pressure vessel designer, producers and end-users together with industrial founded research institutes and universities succeeded with the RTD proposal for a 3 year project.

The project will focus on the extension of the European leadership in pressure vessel and steel manufacturing by utilising the full potential of new modern steels for safe design.

Manufacturing of PV is a world wide market and the decision to buy a PV is mainly governed by

  • economical aspects (e.g. low working costs)
  • technical aspects (high technology and quality workmanship)
  • regulatory aspects (safety requirements against catastrophical failures)

The European strategy to encounter this challenge is to improve their competitiveness by developing the technical knowledge to use the new high potential steels like TMCP, HSS-QT and DUPLEXsteels for economical PV-design and manufacturing.

Although these steels which have been successfully developed by the European steel industry during the past 3 decades are available today, the full utilisation is restricted mainly due to a lack of experience with these steels. To overcome this obstacles which today are part of the new European PV design code EN 13445 the research project will work on the application modern design by analysis and structural integrity calculation methods and validate this methods with extensive experimental tests for the practical use.