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19th and 20th of May 2003 in Aachen                           European Commission 5th framework RTD project



Scope    [complete Programme as PDF-Download]

The ECOPRESS-project was launched within the framework of the GROWTH program sponsored by DG Research of the European Commission. It was started as an EPERC1-initiative based on a pre-study HSD sponsored by DG Enterprise on the use of modern steel for pressure vessels (PV). The aim was to reduce existing conservatism in PV-design with modern steels which usually results from a lack of experience and conservative regulations. PV-manufacturers, -designers, -consultants, steel manufacturers and end-users together with research centres and universities of international renown were included in the project consortium to cover the life chain of a vessel. There were three types of steel studied in the project:

  1. High strength steels, quenched and tempered with yield strength
    from 500 MPa up to 690 MPa.

  2. TMCP steels with superior toughness and strength and ductility properties and good cold formability and weldability with yield strength up to and above 420 MPa.

  3. DUPLEX stainless steel of basic type.

This European research work, gathering 17 project partners, dealt with intensive experimental work, Finite Element Modelling and component-like tests for the modelling of limit conditions of brittle and ductile fractures and plastic instability. The results have been used to provide practical recommendations for the economical and safe use of the steels mentioned above.
By means of this seminar both the consortium and EPERC express the wish of fast dissemination of actual research results into the PV-community for discussion, utilisation in building PV and standardisation.
Therefore all interested engineers and scientists are invited to enter into this discussion about the economical and safe application of modern steels for pressure vessel, to attend the EPERC TTF2 meeting next to the seminar and finally to visit Aachen, the old town of Charlemagne in the heart of Europe.

1 European Pressure Equipment Research Council