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Figure 1


5th Framework RTD  

Working plan The planned work is directly related to the life chain of a PV from design to Fabrication and Testing and operation. In 8 workpackages (WP) each of this aspects will be coverd in a seperate subtask. The principle work is described in Figure 1 [detail].

Figure 2 gives an overview to the interaction between the life chain aspects: DESIGN, FABRICATION, TESTING, OPERATION and Workpackages [PDF-Download].

  • WP 1:  Code reviews  [detail]
  • WP 2:  Design requirements  [detail]
  • WP 3:  Welding  [detail]
  • WP 4:  Material characterisation  [detail]
  • WP 5:  Modelling  [detail]
  • WP 6:  Validation  [detail]
  • WP 7:  Development of safety concept  [detail]
  • WP 8:  Design recomodations  [detail]